About Us

The Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association is dedicated to improving the practice of attorneys appearing before the Eastern District. The primary functions of the EDWBA include:

  • Providing CLE seminars focused on federal and local practice issues.

  • Maintaining clear and open lines of communication between practitioners and the Judges and Magistrates of the Eastern District.

  • Publishing an e-newsletter on issues of importance to Eastern District practitioners.

  • Informing Bar Association members of breaking news and other matters of interest in the Eastern District.

  • Promoting improvements in the administration of justice and reducing the cost and delays in litigation.

  • Assisting the Eastern District by maintaining a list of counsel willing to undertake pro bono representation or act as pro bono counsel in mediations involving pro se litigants.

  • Providing networking opportunities with other members of the EDWBA.

The EDWBA's immediate goals are providing continuing legal education seminars directly applicable to their practice, publishing an informative e-newsletter and breaking news updates and providing networking opportunities with peers and with members of the bench. For additional information about what we are planning please visit our calendar page.

Thank you for your interest in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association!